Calm Clarity helps young woman heal from trauma

I would like to share a note from one of the participants in the 2-day workshop I just ran in NYC. It brought tears to my eyes and makes me rejoice and thank God that all this effort and care I’ve put into developing Calm Clarity has been worth it. This testimonial shows it actually does have a positive impact on people who are healing from trauma!

I just wanted to take a minute to send you an email thanking you for Calm Clarity. As someone who suffers from PTSD, to have techniques taught to me to deal with the symptoms of that as well as the anxiety that accompanies that is priceless. Your calm presence in facilitating the meditations and your explanation of the science behind meditation was really pivotal for me in realizing that this is something that will really help.

Thank you for leading with your heart and connecting with what your perfect purpose in life is. You have touched my life in an extreme way and I know you will go on to touch many more lives. I’ve actually already sent your info to several different people.

Thank you for your heart. ♥

Warmest and sweetest blessings”

Written by duecalmclarity

Due Quach (pronounced “Zway Kwok”) is the founder of Calm Clarity, a social enterprise that uses science to help people across the socioeconomic spectrum master their minds and be their best self. A refugee from Vietnam and graduate of Harvard College and the Wharton MBA Program, Due overcame the long-term effects of poverty and trauma by turning to neuroscience and meditation. After building a successful career in management consulting and private equity investments, she created Calm Clarity to help more people overcome adversity and unlock their potential. Calm Clarity creates social impact by using revenues from corporate training services to deliver the same high quality training to disadvantaged groups such as low-income first-generation college students and inner city teenagers.

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