Calm Clarity is a pioneering social enterprise that helps people across the socioeconomic spectrum master their own mind and become their best self.

Calm Clarity brings neuroscience into workplace and educational settings to help professionals, educators, and students manage stress and enhance performance, happiness, health and relationships. Our program shows people how to strengthen brain structures for self-leadership, resilience, and interpersonal skills.

Our Calm Clarity Program is designed to help people overcome adversity and develop a mindset for growth, leadership and resilience. We provide a toolkit of techniques to achieve a state of “Calm Clarity,” in which people can achieve peak levels of performance, growth, and fulfillment in all areas of life with minimal stress.

To create social impact, we use earnings from serving companies and professionals to provide the Calm Clarity program to low-income students and under-served communities either free of charge through scholarships and sponsored workshops or at highly subsidized rates.

Our Core Beliefs: 

We believe that every single person is born with the seed of greatness.

We unleash our potential by breaking free of self-limiting patterns and connecting to a purpose greater than ourselves.

Our Purpose:

We use science to help people understand and solve the challenges that stifle human potential, creativity and collaboration.

Our Social Impact:

We empower people facing difficult situations with the essential life skills needed to overcome adversity. We use earnings from our work with corporations to fund initiatives serving low-income students and under-served  groups. 


We impact the world through two arms:

  • Calm Clarity Co. (CCC) integrates cutting edge insights from neuroscience into a world-class mindful leadership training to help people perform at their peak by enhancing concentration, creativity, decision-making, and teamwork. CCC shows professionals how to optimize their state of mind and address counter-productive habits that contribute to stress, tension, and health issues.

  • Calm Clarity Education (CCE)* works with educational institutions and nonprofits to address toxic stress and prevent burnout. One of CCE’s key aims is to help disadvantaged high school students and first-generation college students conquer self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that hold them back.

*The proceeds of CCC help finance the initiatives of CCE.