Calm Clarity final coverAuthor of the viral Medium piece, “Poor and Traumatized at Harvard,” Due Quach shares her Calm Clarity program to show readers how to deal with toxic stress and adversity.

According to Quach, people function in three primary emotional states: Brain 1.0, Brain 2.0, and Brain 3.0. In Brain 1.0, people act out of fear and self-preservation. Brain 2.0 involves instant gratification and chasing short-term rewards at the expense of long-term well-being. Brain 3.0 is a state of mind that Quach calls “Calm Clarity,” in which people’s actions are aligned with their core values. As Quach confronted PTSD and successfully weaned herself off medication, she learned how to activate, exercise, and strengthen Brain 3.0 like a muscle. In Calm Clarity, she draws on the latest scientific research and ancient spiritual traditions alike to show us how we too can take ownership of our thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to be our best selves.

Release date May 15, 2018

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Initial Praise

Calm Clarity tells Due Quach’s story of transformation, weaving her rich life experience with in-depth scientific insights from across diverse fields. Due has created practical and accessible tools for readers to not just be inspired by her transformation, but to set off and experience their own profound changes as well.”
—Sharon Salzberg, New York Times bestselling author of Real Love and Real Happiness

Calm Clarity is refreshingly readable, easily accessible, and understandable, a very valuable addition to contemporary books on transforming our minds and creating the foundation of a happy life.”
—Sylvia Boorstein, PhD, author of Happiness Is an Inside Job

“Quach offers an extensive exploration of neuroscience and trauma resolution that led her from a struggling beginning with her impoverished Vietnamese family, to Harvard, a Wharton MBA, and business success. She delves into the importance of meditation, ancient wisdom teachings, and the latest scientific research in transforming ‘outer success’ into a deep inner peace and calm clarity. This is an extraordinary work by an extraordinary woman.”
—Allan Lokos, author of Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

“Our world is in need of healing because there is so much pain and negativity being transmitted. Calm Clarity provides a powerful, practical, science-based approach to healing and transforming our pain and cultivating compassion to enable others to do so also. The compelling story of Due Quach’s personal modern-day metamorphosis from a skeptic into a mystic will touch the hearts and minds of seekers everywhere, and her ongoing efforts to bring these tools to low-income communities to end the transmission of toxic stress and trauma is inspiring.”
—Richard Rohr, author of Falling Upward

Calm Clarity is an essential guide for the masses, to not only understand how the brain works in a simple but scientific way, but also to find a pathway to inner peace and a joyful life. Thanks Due for revealing something so complex, so simply.”
—Tom Cronin, founder of The Stillness Project

“One of the best books I have ever read. Yes, this book is about rewiring your brain for greater wisdom and joy, but it also shares Due’s compelling story of resilience and grit, a very personal account of shifting from entanglement to enlightenment.”
—Rick Bellingham, EdD, CEO of iobility

Calm Clarity captivates not only the mind, but also the heart, soul, and imagination. Due Quach skillfully interweaves scientific understanding with spiritual wisdom and grounds these important insights in everyday life by sharing how they enabled her inspiring personal journey of healing and transformation. This book can help anyone looking for effective tools to manage anxiety and their inner critic.”
—Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, coauthor of Wired to Create

Calm Clarity is the powerful story of a woman’s journey from early chaos to a life of profound purpose. Combining the latest research on the brain with a skeptical dive into ancient spiritual wisdom, Due Quach develops an impressive program of ‘brain hacks.’ These tools can help all of us, especially those who have traumatic histories, to fashion a better life by thinking more clearly and more calmly.”
—Robert Kreider, former President and CEO of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

“Accessible yet deep, Calm Clarity helps readers achieve inner transformation, untangle emotional knots, and find clarity. This book is a revelatory and inspiring guide on the spiritual path that also helps people develop the leader inside them.”
—Patricio Barriga, CEO and President of Fagor America Inc.

“Due Quach has given us an exceptional gift—she’s taken research on neuroscience and mindfulness and made it easy to understand. But more than that, she’s used this research to build a set of practices that will help you to optimize your nervous system and rise to the challenges you face. And she’s done this with a keen awareness of the social realities of our time. Highly recommended!”
—Paul Zelizer, founder of Awarepreneurs

“Quach has broken down complex neuroscience into an easily understandable three-stage framework, making it possible for anyone interested in personal fulfillment and joy to follow a simple path and attain success.”
—Krishna Pendyala, President of the Mindful Nation Foundation, Chief Empowerment Officer of ChoiceLadder Institute, and author of Beyond the Pig and the Ape

“Following Due on her journey is so inspiring that you can’t help but think about your own path and life’s purpose. Her fascinating insights into current brain science and ancient Buddhist teachings provide the foundation for her Calm Clarity program, which all of us can use to live happier, more fulfilling lives.”
—Robin White Owen, creative producer, MediaCombo, Inc.

“The book is a tour de force—really well written, clear, easy to follow, and inspiring.”
—Tom Tritton, former president of Haverford College and the Chemical Heritage Foundation