What is Calm Clarity?

The Calm Clarity Program is a mindful leadership training that enables you to be your best self and perform at your peak. 

Calm Clarity integrates science and mindfulness to show you how to optimize your brain so you can be your best self in any situation. The training helps you increase leadership stamina, be more effective in your interactions, and boost your well-being so you don’t burn yourself out.


The Calm Clarity Program enriches your personal life and benefits your career by helping you:

  • think clearly and make effective decisions
  • be more creative, innovative and collaborative
  • build resilience so you recover quickly from stress

During the training, we use science and mindfulness to examine how the mind works, learn practical tools and insights to boost brain functioning and break free of mindless patterns and self-limiting beliefs that keep us from being our best selves and bringing out the best in others.

Shift into Brain 3.0  

Our proprietary approach focuses on the three emotional states of the brain:

  • Brain 1.0: Our self-preservation system which activates the fight-or-flight response to stress.
  • Brain 2.0: Our pleasure and acquisition system which gives rise to our social instincts, conditioned habits, impulses, and addictions.
  • Brain 3.0: Our system for self-mastery and well-being, which gives rise to our capacity for learning, planning, creativity, and self-control.

Calm Clarity is designed help you tame Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 while strengthening Brain 3.0.

  • When Brain 1.0 or Brain 2.0 are triggered, people may behave in ways that undermine their long-term goals and well-being. Life feels like an emotional roller coaster ride or a tug-of-war.
  • When Brain 3.0 is activated, you feel like your true self. You are the master of your life and function at your best. In Brain 3.0, you can think clearly, create, and collaborate.

The Calm Clarity Program helps you understand your mind by observing how you think, feel and act differently in these three emotional states. You will identify the triggers that activate Brain 1.0 and Brain 2.0 so you can tame them. You will practice evidence-based techniques to strengthen Brain 3.0 so you can achieve a higher level of functioning.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  

~Albert Einstein

By strengthening Brain 3.0, we develop our individual capacity to create solutions to the pressing problems of our lives.

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Support us to create social impact!

When you pay for a Calm Clarity program, you also sponsor low-income students and under-served groups to experience Calm Clarity free of charge. By becoming our client, you help us empower young people in extremely challenging situations with tools to overcome adversity and change their lives.  Learn more about how we create social impact here.

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