The Calm Clarity program will train you how to achieve and maintain a more optimal physiological, mental, and emotional state, in which you can bring out the best in yourself and in the people around you. 

How Calm Clarity Creates Impact 

  1. Provide a common language to understand how the brain impacts us
    • Increase awareness of priming and unconscious patterns
    • Help each person understand their personal triggers
  2. Provide an evidence-based set of tools to:
    • Be more innovative, creative and collaborative
    • Nurture mental agility and strengthen interpersonal effectiveness
    • Increase willpower, productivity and stamina; neutralize toxic stress
  3. Foster alignment and harmony
    • Connect to a sense of greater purpose
    • Tune into one’s inner compass

College Pilot Summary 

The Calm Clarity Essential Life Skills Program was piloted as a credit course at Cabrini College in Fall semester 2014. It was offered as a two-weekend retreat on Nov 8-9 and 15-16. Evaluations were done using pre and post questionnaires and qualitative feedback.  Participants took the pre-survey in mid-semester before the course and the post-survey during finals period.

The changes were statistically significant and provided preliminary validation that Calm Clarity training could increase college success.