College Scholar Program

Calm Clarity provides scholarships for disadvantaged first-generation college students to attend our Weekend Retreats at no cost.

The Weekend Retreat is a non-residential intensive course in which we run the Calm Clarity Mindful Leadership Program over Saturday and Sunday.  Please refer to our TicketLeap events page ( for detailed information on upcoming weekend retreats.

At this time, the college student scholar program is only open to college students in the Greater Philadelphia area. Please note: we do not provide travel or lodging for students.

If you would like to apply or nominate a student please, please review the application form here:


In order to qualify for our College Student Scholar Program, you must:
1. be 18 years or older
2. be (or about to be) a first-generation college student (meaning your parents did not graduate from college); we will also accept fresh graduates.
3. qualify for Pell grants and financial aid
4. be enrolled (or about to be enrolled) full-time at a college or university in the Philadelphia area or be a full-time college student from Philadelphia who can take responsibility your own transportation and lodging.
5. be available to attend the full retreat program (~9:30am to 5pm on the specified dates).
6. be open to learning and sharing in a group workshop format.

At this time, only a limited number of seats are available in each Weekend Retreat. If the number of requests exceed our capacity, we will build a wait-list for future events.

We notify students two weeks in advance of a Weekend Retreat if they are selected to participate or are put on the wait list.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Testimonials from College Scholars

Michael, our very first College Scholar:

“As a first-generation college student, the cultural shock I experienced at Penn caused confusion and an avalanche of questions without answers.

Participating in a Calm Clarity Weekend Retreat has helped me to handle stress in a methodical way by using science and effective meditation techniques. I really enjoyed experiencing Calm Clarity with a diverse group of people of different ages because it helped me see the bigger picture in life. It was eye-opening to learn that stress and personal challenges do not go away with age nor with money. I find the neuroscience behind mindful leadership and resilience building very powerful and now I have great tools in my pocket to stay focused.

I am very excited about the launch of Calm Clarity‘s College StudentScholar Program because it will make a big difference in the lives of many first-generation college students like me! Thank you for caring about us and letting us know we are not alone!”

             ~Michael Wong, student at the University of Pennsylvania

 Jason, a College Scholar in December 2016:

The feeling in the room was amazing. I never felt so comfortable in my life, even though I did not know everyone personally. Our instructor, Due, the way she talked, the way she relayed all the information to us, it was incredible. She made an impact on all of us and set the tone for everyone to be kind, caring, and loving to each other. I felt you had room to talk and that everyone really listened.

My biggest takeaway from the experience was learning how I act towards others when I’m in the different states of mind – Brain 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. Since the retreat, my mood has changed significantly because I feel as though now I am more joyful and more aware of everything. Calm Clarity helped me change my attitude and mood at home and at work. I now put myself in Brain 3.0 and I change everyone’s mood.

For example, with my family, before I’d be down, mad, or upset and I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone, but now I’m joyful. I like to talk to everyone in the house and that brings them up, so I’m pretty sure I’ve changed others as well. 

Another example, Calm Clarity helped me on the three-hour long civil service test (to work in law enforcement in NJ) I took after the retreat. Before Calm Clarity, I would have been really nervous, even shaking. Instead, I meditated and I felt that relief and calmness. I felt absolutely relaxed when I took the test.  

For people who have the chance to be a College Scholar, I would say: take the opportunity that’s being given to you. It will help you with work, school, and life – now and in the long run. You get to know people from around the country. You get to sit down and talk to them and learn what they’re going through or what they have been through. You see that you can relate to someone even though they’re from a different state or city. You’re not alone. It will help you significantly, especially if you want to become a leader. It helped me, and it’s only been a couple of weeks, so you should really consider it.”

~ Jason Roman, student at Cabrini University