Sponsored Workshop Program

Calm Clarity is now able to provide a limited number of sponsored workshops to organizations in the Philadelphia area that serve low-income students in disadvantaged communities.

The sponsored workshop is a 2.5 hour keynote program presenting the foundational module of the Calm Clarity Program.

We look for the following criteria:

  1. Target audience size of 100 or more participants from low-income and under served communities, such as disadvantaged first-generation college students and inner city high school students residing in the Philadelphia area.
  2. The audience must be high school age or older. For any participants under 18 years of age, the host organization must obtain consent from their parent or guardian.
  3. The host organization must take care of the logistics, which include securing the venue (along with audio & video equipment such as projector, speaker and microphone), providing refreshments for participants. The host organization also assumes liability and responsibility for getting liability waivers for the event.
  4. The host organization must help Calm Clarity collect feedback from participants.
  5. If participants are under 18 years of age, the host organization must assign staff to support and facilitate smaller group break-out exercises and discussions.
  6. If travel is involved, the host organization must cover all travel expenses.
  7. The host organization must be a registered 501(c)3 based in the Philadelphia area and the leadership team must be willing to dedicate time and resources to this collaboration.

At this time, only very limited amounts of sponsorship funding is available. Therefore, we may only be able to provide partial sponsorship of workshop fees. If the number of requests exceed our capacity and resources, we may have to build a wait-list.

If your organization meets the above criteria and is interested in this sponsored workshop program, please email due@calmclarity.org.

If you would like to sponsor a workshop, please also email due@calmclarity.org or make a donation here.