Cabrini College Credit Course

Students at Cabrini College
Calm Clarity Class at Cabrini College, Fall 2014

These testimonials come from students who took Calm Clarity as a credit course at Cabrini College. It was offered as a two-weekend retreat on Nov 8-9 and 15-16.

Over a period of just 9 days, the students shared that they felt a profound change and unanimously recommend the course to their classmates (according the the feedback surveys they completed).
“Since my mother had passed away right before I started college, I felt like giving up on life. But I knew that she wouldn’t want me to do that. My peers told me about this [Calm Clarity] course, and said this class could help me control my stress. Honestly, this class not only encouraged me to stay in school (college) but to [also] focus on thinking positive and being a positive impact on others”
~J (Freshman First-Generation College Student)
“I was asked to join Calm Clarity because I needed a stress reliever and more credits for graduation. As a senior, I considered withdrawing from college because I was too stressed out. Since being engaged in Calm Clarity, I feel excited, more prepared and less stressed when it comes to graduating.”
~C (Senior First-Generation College Student)
“The course was very helpful, especially for the finals and exams I had after the course. It really helped me prepare and be more confident in myself.”
~C (Freshman first-generation college student)
“I just wanted to thank you so much  for having Calm Clarity at Cabrini. I truly have gotten so much out of it and I hope you come back again to teach at Cabrini. Your whole story  is so inspiring and deserves to be told to all college and high school students. If I would have had this my senior year of high school I believe it would have changed my whole perspective going into college…”
~D (Freshman First-Generation College Student)

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