LEADERSHIP Philadelphia

On February 12, 2015, Calm Clarity ran a workshop run for LEADERSHIP Philadelphia’s Core class, inspiring a group of 120 rising civic and corporate leaders to bring out the best in themselves and others.


Here’s what LEADERSHIP Philadelphia shared: 

“The class loved your presentation.  We definitely want this in the curriculum next year… I was so deeply moved when we share the meditation for “all people” and so grateful that the class embraced this fully. I have wanted to have someone teach meditation in this class for over 10 years but was waiting for the right person to present it. You are that person.”

~President & CEO, LEADERSHIP Philadelphia

Here is some of the feedback provided by the participants:  

“Thank you for an interesting presentation on an innovative and important topic at LEADERSHIP Philadelphia! You and your ideas are truly an inspiration; your strength, courage, innovation, and empathy are a wonderful example for us all at LEADERSHIP.”

“Due was very powerful. We forget to breathe throughout the day. We forget to wish and speak happiness and freedom over our lives and others. This exercise brought that back for me.”

“The Calm Clarity session had the most impact on me today. At present, I split time between Brain 2.0 and Brain 3.0 but want to spend the majority of my time in Brain 3.0…”

Due teaching a deep breathing technique.
Due teaching a deep breathing technique.

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