Pilot at Masterman High School


Here is a sampling of feedback from participants in the Calm Clarity pilot at Masterman High School.

Masterman Pilot Group Photo
Masterman Pilot Group Photo

“Normally, a 50-minute school period can feel like forever, but the hour and half of Calm Clarity sessions go by so quickly because they are very enjoyable, relaxed, and interesting…it has helped me achieve a calmer, more controlled state, and function at my best both inside and outside of school.”

~9th grader at Masterman High School

“I actually really like this program because it helps me manage my levels of stress and staying calm during sticky situations. After I started to manage my stress levels, I fall asleep a lot easier at night and it just really helps :D”

~9th grader at Masterman High School

“The Calm Clarity program has taught me ways to make my mind a healthier place and how to use it to my advantage. I have learned ways to prevent stress and create calm in my body…I really like the concepts of gratitude lists and aligning yourself with your aspirations and people you look up to.”

~10th grader at Masterman High School

 “I honestly am extremely happy that I chose to participate in Calm Clarity. It has taught me many things about stress management and life choices. It has been a great experience… The highlight of the Calm Clarity program for me has been learning the meditation tips to help me relax when stressed and in school…I have learned that it is better to emit positive energy, even when you don’t feel it because in the end that’s better than negativity.”

~10th grader at Masterman High School

“I really enjoyed how the program was a mix of meditative activities and learning about the science behind why these activities work. I am calmer with my students and with my own children and family. I can take a deep breath and react less impulsively than before. I also feel reconnected with my passion and purpose in life… It’s a great program. I am more committed to the importance of bringing these tools to students, and I realize how taking time to focus on well-being is not being lazy or soft, but rather essential for people to achieve great things in their lives.”

~Teacher, Masterman High School

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