Pilot at UPenn April 2014

Here is a sampling of feedback from undergraduate and graduate students who participated in the Calm Clarity Workshop at the University of Pennsylvania on April 19 and 26, 2014.

“Calm Clarity is an interesting and inspiring program to help with self-mastery skills.
[The highlight of the program for me was]:
1. How I could cultivate a tool of my own to help me achieve my inner aspirations
2. How to be a better speaker and listener
3. How to better accept who we are and find a way to improve to a more capable and whole version.”  
“The mission statement [exercise] was BIG for helping me realize what I will do with my life. The science was super interesting and enlightening–really grounds the practices in reality.” 
“This is X__, and I am glad to spend a wonderful day with you. This is a quite useful program, hope you help more people in the future.”
“My name is K__ and I attended Calm Clarity’s workshop last week at Penn…I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated you doing the workshop at Penn and found it to be extremely insightful and helpful. Thank you so much for all you are doing and for bringing this to Penn!”

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