Interactive Experiential Learning

Calm Clarity brings science to life

The Calm Clarity Program uses science to help you understand how your brain functions in your day-to-day life and gives you proven tools to manage stress and enhance your performance as well as your happiness, health, and relationships.

Our training is delivered through in-person experiential workshops that involve a high level of interaction, reflection and sharing. The experience is like a boot camp for your mind, heart and soul. When life throws you moments that knock you off your feet, Calm Clarity enables you to find calm, re-center and recharge. The insights and skills you gain will enhance all aspects of your life.

The curriculum draws from research in neuroscience, behavioral economics, positive psychology, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology. Our exercises are designed to develop your awareness of physiological mind-body connections, so you can be more in tune with your internal world.

Learn from direct experience

The Calm Clarity Program is a series of modules that interweave scientific insights with experiential exercises, group discussions and guided meditations. Our approach demystifies these practices and provides tools and techniques that are helpful and easy to use in everyday life.

Every person has mental patterns that are hard-wired as neural circuits in the brain. When we run on autopilot, mindless patterns often cause us to get in our own way.

During the Calm Clarity Program, you will look “under the hood” to understand your autopilot using a variety of mindfulness practices. You will then break mindless patterns by building new brain circuits that give you greater self-awareness and self-mastery.