Essential Life Skills Program

The Calm Clarity Essential Life Skills Program trains people to build skills that enable them to overcome adversity, neutralize toxic stress, and become a positive force for change in their communities. 

The program is a series of 10 experiential modules that build skills that people need to achieve self-actualization and make a contribution to society.

Our pilots have shown that this Essential Life Skills Program can help close the education divide. The training has had a transformative impact on college students, high school students, and educators. As an intervention, it has the potential to increase college retention, decrease high school drop-out rates and address teacher burn-out in inner city schools.

[Please note: the Mindful Leadership Program is the first 4 modules of the Essential Life Skills Program.]

Module 1 – Boost Brain Functioning:
Understand the emotional states of the brain and build resilience to stress

Module 2 – The Voice in Your Head:
Tame your inner critic and pre-empt self-sabotage

Module 3 – Minding Your Autopilot: 
Understand and train your autopilot using mindfulness

Module 4 – Deepening Connection: 
Authentically connect using empathic listening and responding

Module 5 Inner Alignment: 
Unleash energy by creating congruence with your values

Module 6 Emotional Alchemy: 
Transform destructive emotions like anger and bitterness

Module 7 –Willpower and Motivation: 
Outsmart the autopilot to achieve your goals

Module 8 – Collaborative Advocacy: 
Transform negotiations and teamwork with a win-win mindset

Module 9 – Effective Mentorship: 
Harness the power of self-efficacy to achieve the impossible

Module 10 Life Purpose: 
Tune into your inner compass to lead yourself and guide others

Criteria for collaboration:

If you are interested in bringing the Calm Clarity Program to your university or institution, please read through this list of criteria. 

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“I write to sing the praises of the “Calm Clarity” Program…In my view, all of our students—undergraduate and graduate, at-risk and honors—would benefit much from taking this program. The scaffolded and sequenced modules are clearly presented, intertwined with examples from across the disciplines, and offer a mix of scientific theories coupled with hands-on tools taught and practiced in each session: an impressive blend of meta-cognition meets mission statement; college success meets leadership studies; positive psychology meets lifelong learning…Indeed, there would be much gained by having it as part of an all-campus faculty, staff, and administrator development series, consonant with the College mission.”  

     ~Cabrini Professor, faculty observer of the pilot at Cabrini College

“Calm Clarity is an effective program geared at increasing mindfulness and reducing stress. This creates a more productive work environment. As a School Leader I deal firsthand with the effects of stress on staff and students. We are working with Calm Clarity in order to give tools to students to address their major stress factors. It is a vehicle to address the negative impacts of the greater society on our students in a systemic way. I highly recommend the program and look forward to continued collaboration in the future.”

     ~Aaron Bass, Chief of Staff, KIPP Philadelphia Schools

“It’s a great program. I really enjoyed how the program was a mix of meditative activities and learning about the science behind why these activities work. I am calmer with my students and with my own children and family. I can take a deep breath and react less impulsively than before. I also feel reconnected with my passion and purpose in life… I am more committed to the importance of bringing these tools to students, and I realize how taking time to focus on well-being is not being lazy or soft, but rather essential for people to achieve great things in their lives.”

      ~Teacher and pilot coordinator at Masterman High School

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